Lucky sevens

You lucky thing.


I love the number seven.  

I love it unconditionally, for absolutely no good reason, and consider it to be my lucky number even though I’m not entirely sure I believe in luck itself.  I can tick off a bunch of random reasons why I adore it: there was an abundance of it in my address and phone number growing up.  The first time a boy ever said he loved me, back in college, was on our seven-month anniversary.  I almost got married on 07/07/07, and when that ultimately didn’t take place, it wound up being one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me.  Also, there are seven days in a week.  

Yes, I realize that last one has nothing to do with me whatsoever, nor is it lucky in any distinguishable way.  Look… I just like sevens.

That’s why this particular writing prompt jumped out at me when I was looking for a starting point for this week’s post.  It occurred to me almost immediately that at least half of the seven things it asks of me have taken place within the past couple of years, even though I’ve been kicking around for exactly 36 of them as of this past Monday.  So, I couldn’t help but take a moment to reflect on all the cool stuff that’s happened to me lately, and of course, be thankful for it.

Prompt: List seven remarkable experiences in your life.  Write something about each.

1. I’ve started life over from scratch.  After 30 years of living in essentially one place, I moved to a city 1000 miles from home where I knew absolutely no one.  I’m an introvert and a creature of habit, but I needed a fresh start, so I went against type and gave myself one.  It was scary as shit.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

2. I’ve traveled to Asia… by myself.  Full disclosure: I was visiting my amazing niece, Megan.  She had to work all but one day I was there, so I spent the better part of a week wandering around Seoul, South Korea on my own.  I can honestly say I’d never been happier, ever in my life, before the moment it sank in that I was in South Motherf***ing Korea — lost, actually, with little grasp of the language — and that the sky was the limit from then on.  It’s empowering to feel that tiny.

3. I’ve fallen in love with the right person.  This one took a really long time and several false starts, but one day I decided to get out of my own way.  Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?  Because I wouldn’t appreciate it the way I do now.  That’s why.

4. I’ve realized how amazing people can be. says it best: “people are awesome.” I love their ongoing feature about the cool, selfless stuff people are doing all over the globe to make the world better — to help one another out — and none of them gives a damn what they get in return.  I’m honored to know a lot of people I could easily write similar stories about, and maybe… just maybe… I will.

5. I’ve stopped freaking out so much about getting older.  You know that song “We Are Young” by Fun.? I love it, and it reminds me of one of my favorite people in the world, and yet I know it only halfway applies to my life. There’s a parody video called “We’re Not Young” about the dystopia of being in one’s 30s.  It’s cute, sure, but I don’t share its sentiment at all.  Life is scary and hard and awful sometimes, but when it’s not, it’s a big-ass playground, and we are young, even when we’re 100, if we want to be.

6. Can we talk for a minute more about how remarkably nice it is not to give a damn about the fact that we’re no longer 22?  Because look.  22 sucked, as best I can recall.  Maybe I’ve had too much wine since then to remember it clearly enough, but still — nope.  Nope.  I’m pretty sure it sucked.

7. I’ve become a professional writer.  OH MY GOD I’M A WRITER YOU GUYS.  Wait’ll you see the little office I’m putting together — it’s got Judy Blume all over the walls.  For serious.  Judy Blume.  Superfudge.  Just wait.



One thought on “Lucky sevens

  1. Cool list . . . taking off on a solo excursion is always great. I enjoyed a year-long European adventure 13 years ago. Quit my reporting job and just took off. I was in my twenties and carefree. Awesome. Resulted in the writing of my first book.

    On another note . . . Moving away from your hometown is something everybody should do. I feel sorry for people who spend their entire life in one location. It’s a big world; they should experience more of it.

    Glad to see “Superfudge” got mentioned.

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