Does a haiku count?

so sleepy


So sleepy.

So very, very, very sleepy.

OK, so here’s what.  I’m not a gal who goes back on promises, so here I am, at 8 pm on a Friday with four hours to spare before I miss this week’s self-imposed deadline of posting something every week.

Problem is, I’m out of words and in dire need of a nap.  Like a 93-hour one.  So, will a haiku suffice?  Just this once?  C’mon.  It’ll be great.  You’ll love it.  Here goes.  Ready?  Get ready because this is gonna be amazing, or not.

Probably not, but just but be a friend, okay?


amy is sleepy

there is not enough coffee

ever in the world


Ohhhhh, sad day.  See?  Told you I was out of words.

Tell you what… go hang out with Erin and Bret, two of the cuddliest yet most mercilessly incisive minds in pop culture today, over at Rock Movie Project.  Erin used to kind of be my boss, which probably explains some things about me.  Anyway, go check out their movie review blog instead of reading something from me.  You’ll be glad you did, and I’ll be glad I made you be glad you did.  Or something.  Words.  Puppy waffle mountain-climbing.  Don’t be a muggle.  Goodnight.



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