Say something smart

I have a confession… I played hooky last week like an amateur.  I said just five short weeks ago that I’d be sitting down every Friday and writing something here, and I admonished myself in advance for all the excuses I knew I was going to make.  Of all the stuff I thought might get in the way — deadlines, deadlines, and deadlines, to name a few — the last thing I expected to stop me dead in my tracks was hypocrisy.

But that’s exactly what last week’s speed bump was made of.  I just had to go running off at the mouth in my last post about an actress who was incessantly posting self-portraits on her facebook page.  I begged this total stranger — this famous person — somewhat comedically, I hope — to drop the “me me me me me” act and say something smart since I knew she was capable of more than what she was putting out there.  So of course, the next time I sat down to write a post, every topic revolved around the same thing: me me me me me.  And all of it seemed colossally stupid.  I sat and stared at a blank WordPress page for I don’t even want to admit how long, trying to think of something to talk about other than myself.  But every blasted topic that floated into my brain placed me squarely inside of a big glass house at the top of a hill, staring out at all the little stones I’d thrown the week before.  I’m telling you, those little bastards had eyes, and they were angry.  Finally, I rolled mine and gave up.

Great, Mav.  Real slick.

So here we are again, in the wee hours of a Friday morning, and I have too much pride to blow this off twice in a row, even if no one ever reads any of it.  I made a promise to myself to stay the course, and the wagon’s not moving too fast for me to climb back on.  It never is…. that’s just a lie we tell ourselves.  So I’m racking my brain thinking of things to write about, and if I were feeling crafty, I could spin any of the following things into something creative: this week, I ended my two-year stint as a blonde and went back to full-on brunette.  I finally joined the iPhone nation, and therefore, the 21st century along with it.  After more than a decade of tooling me around all over god’s green earth, The Hellica (my 11-year old Toyota Celica) finally took its last breath.  As I type this, a Tommy Page video is playing on television.  (No, honest… Tommy Page.  From sixth grade.  The guy who opened for the New Kids on the Block back in the day.  If you’re too young to remember who he was, please just go away.  And if you DO remember him… holy shit, you guys! TOMMY PAGE!  Aw!)

If I had any balls whatsoever, I’d turn one of those subjects into something witty and great.  But again, it all seems so stupid.

I’ve been writing my face off every day.  It’s mostly for other people, sure, but it’s all I do, and that’s pretty much been the basis of the plan since kindergarten: just write.  Becoming an honest-to-god full-time freelancer has taken a yeoman’s amount of work, but once I took a deep breath and leaned into it all the way, it somehow became less daunting than I’d thought it was going to be.  Some days will be easier than others.  Some years  will be easier than others.  But at some point a couple of weeks ago, I looked around and realized the training wheels weren’t there anymore.  Good god, did that feel good, even though I’m still wobbly.

Me me me me me.  Look at all that self-absorbed mess up there.   Surely there are other things to cover here without waxing poetic about my latest pop culture obsession or what I had for lunch today, even though those things are fun to talk about sometimes.  OK, here’s the deal: I think I’ll start some Fridays with a writing prompt… there are plenty of generators out there, and I’ve got a few books on the shelf from college that I should probably dust off and put to good use.  So, there we go.  Next week, if there isn’t something brilliant and fantastic that I just have to craft into a post, I’ll pick a prompt and run with it.

In the meantime, so this post hasn’t been a complete and utter waste of anyone’s time, here are some links to cool-ass stuff that will hopefully reward you for your kindness in stopping by.  First, Gotye and Kimbra… if you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t know what kind of rock you’re living under, but it must be pretty freaking awesome for you not to have moved from underneath it long enough to discover this gem before now.

Then, there’s this amazing stop-motion video that’s been making the rounds on the web for the past month or so… if you love bookstores even a tenth as much as I do, or heck, if you like awesome things in general, this is worth your time.

And last but not least, Hyperbole and a Half.  If you aren’t already savvy, don’t you dare move an inch again until you are.

All right, you’ve got your marching orders and I’ve got mine.  It’s been a long week, people.  Let’s all sleep in tomorrow and eat some pancakes.



3 thoughts on “Say something smart

  1. I think we’re souls separated at birth! Loved this post…and it inspires me to think there may be a writing life outside Elder Affairs someday…

    • We are, and there IS! You have so much talent… there’s WAY more to life than Elder for you, and personally, I don’t think it has to be “someday…” it can be whenever you fancy it to be. Just sayin’. 😉

  2. Fatc says:

    Warning: This comment is all about me.

    I have a suspicion that, like me, those who read your blog appreciate reading about you. At least, that’s why I look forward to an update in my inbox every Friday. A sophisicated account of the life of someone you care about shouldn’t be compared to seeing 100 mirror shots of the back of some chick’s hair whom you’ve never met. So please, don’t stop. Otherwise, I’d be waiting for a blonde girl to drive up in a silver Celica on an Android.

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